Wonach ist dir heute?

Franzosen. Hach, wer sagte vor kurzem noch: Jede Frau sollte mal einen Franzosen geliebt haben? Irgendeine schlaue Frau. Franzosen. Die, die ich kenne sind so inspiriert und inspirierend. So wie Mathieu Challieres, der Designer dieser unglaublich entzückenden Lampen. Als ich die entdeckt habe, stockte kurz mein Atem vor Verzückung. Gut, eine kostet um die 400 Euro, aber mon dieu, wir leben doch nur ein Mal…

Monsieur Challieres war übrigens so charmant mir ungefragt ein kurzes, hübsche Interview mit sich zu schicken. Da sag ich doch: Merci chérie!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Nowhere and everywhere. Create it’s not a matter of inspiration. It’s just to give a good answer to some question I have in mind like : why people can’t choose easily the color of their chandelier ? (One answer is the Diabolo, 20 colors and the possibility to mixed them on demand) or : what will resume for me in a modern way the 17th century ? (Answer is the Balthazar)

How did you come up with such an idea?

As a chandelier is on the ceiling it has to be aerian. So what is a perfect symbol of something aerian ? Birds of course! Then, how can you give legitimacy to some birds as a chandelier ? Put a bird-cage with a bulb would just have been an easy joke, and put birds on some chandelier would be a little bit to easy. So ?

So I created a wire netting lampshade with birds : an object at the frontier between two objects: neither quite a bird cage or a common lampshade. As a matter of fact, birds as here because they want to : they can go from top or bottom of this strange aviary.

I had a very precise view in my mind of what should be the visual effetc produced by the wire netting … and I wait 5 years to encounter this special netting with very tiny wires and squared structure.

Fotos: Mathieu Challieres

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  2. caro 6. Mai 2010 um 08:15 Uhr

    Oh, oui, c’est fantastique!

  3. frauheuberg 7. Mai 2010 um 00:26 Uhr

    Oh, lala…mon dieux…tres chique…;)…mais trop cher pour moi…un merveilleux week-end inspirant…jusque-là…au revoir…madame heuberg…;)…


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